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03 February 2005 -

Hmm... odd that the first post of the new year on this page is to announce that the comic is going on hiatus for 2-3 weeks. Anyhow, so yeah, it's going. See ya then!

26 December 2004 -

Welcome, everyone, to the GRAND IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD FIRST BIRTHDAY PSYCHEDELERIA CELEBRATION!!!! (add ones as you please). Yep, today marks the first ever birthday of this horrid little thing I've got going here. I can't believe it!!! Send me praise and adulations at my email address. (I'm so lonely. ;( )

28 November 2004 -

You must see this site RIGHTAWAY! Proof that 42 is the answer to EVERYTHING!! Including the end of the world!

4 November 2004 -

Apart from moping over the election (my comic is becoming REEEEEEEEAL, do you see it? It's the END OF THE WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT!!!! AND I BLOODY WELL DON'T FEEL FINE, WHATEVER THEM R.E.M. FREAKS SAY!!!) I've got two new shout-outs for you! Both seem to be rather influenced by the godly Jhonen Vasquez: Adie the Homicidal Maniac, which is "[blatantly] inspired by Jhonen Vasquez", and BoB, which is more stylistically derived from Jhonen V. And it concerns robot fights in a postapocalyptic world, so I feel that I have something in common with them.

31 October 2004 -

Happy Halloween!

17 October 2004 -


11 October 2004 -

I just made some art! It's Trudy! She's awesome, aint' she? I'm entering this into a contest of sorts, here's hoping I win!

7 October 2004 -

I have information regarding the update schedule nowadays: no weekend updates from now on, or at least, until I get more productive. I will be updating daily, though, just not on the weekends anymore. Okeeeeeyyye?

29 September 2004 -

Hmm... gonna be fixing a few more things. No update tomorrow, but you can go backwards and see the hidden comic!

26 September 2004 -

Hiyas y'all. Haven't posted here in a long time, neh? Anyhoo, let's all raise hands to see who noticed something different about the site recently?

31 August 2004 -

I've been back for a week now, and check out the two new pieces of gift-art I got from Rao! and Jops! They're great!

2 August 2004 -

By the time you read this, I'll already be on my 3-week vacation overseas. Don't worry, the comic will still update, but I just won't be around if you ever choose to email me. It will be as if I never left! See ya dudes!

26 July 2004 -

I just opened up the store. Go there to buy LOTS OF CHEAP, USELESS STUFF!!!! Woohoo!

24 July 2004 -

Heeeeey, all you people. I got some INTENSELY FUN NEWS for you folks! Okay, first go to Framed!!! and check out the July 23rd comic.

Okay? Now look at this picture:

Ain't that cool?! It's a toll turtle! :D

19 July 2004 -

Joe Nadeau made me a bit of fanart! Ain't it great? Visit his comic! It's better than mine!

17 July 2004 -

I made a poll. Go down on the page to see it. Vote on it if you're a reader of my comic. VOTE NOW.

15 July 2004 -

Go see the Keenspace Summer Event. NOW.

12 July 2004 -

I got my first piece of FANART!!! WOOOO! Go check it out in the fanart section!

7 July 2004 -

Well, well, well, it looks like I MESSED UP AGAIN! Whoopee! Click the almighty previous button yet again to see the missing comic!

4 July 2004 -

I finally managed to get that new Because It's Monday strip up! Yay! Go me!

1 July 2004 -

I updated the buttons. Yay for buttons!

30 June 2004 -

Aaaaargh, CRAP! I uploaded the wrong comic! It's been fixed, though (I hope). Just click the all-mighty PREVIOUS button to see the REAL June 29th, 2004 strip!

24 June 2004 -

Spot trig check! You have a scalene triangle with points A, B, and C. Points A and B are connected by segment AB, measuring 16 units, and points A and C are connected by segment AC, measuring 24 units. Segments AB and AC meet to form an angle A of 25 degrees. What is the length of segment BC?

Email your answers to me in within a week. First one with the right answer wins! Winner gets a free commission picture from me - ask me to draw anything you like!

13 June 2004 -

Looke here! I drew this today. Fun with foetuses!!!

09 June 2004 -

OH. MY. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWD!! A strip I drew actually got on a Keenspot comique! I feel SOOOO SPECIAL! AAAAHHAHHAHAH WHEEEEE!!!!

06 June 2004 -

Sorry - no Cyanide today. Not on the official page, anyway. Maybe I'll upload it as an image in the Cyanide page. Too much stuff happened yesterday - SAT II tests and all. Blech. >:p

05 June 2004 -

We've gone past the 1000 views mark!!! Wooohoo! As a present, you get: a present - in BEEYOOOTEEFUL COLOUR!

Finals week is coming up. I don't think I'll have much time to draw comiques for you people, but that's what my HUGE HUGE BUFFER of comiques is for! I'll think of sump'in, don't worry. And TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME! I'll have to renege on the killing part, but tell people about me anyway! MY COMIQUE IS NOT SO SUCKY NOW!! The MONKEYS ARE NO LONGER AFTER ME FOR MY TAPIOCA PUDDING!

01 June 2004 -

WHASSUP?! I'm nearing the 1000 views mark! Are you not ... happy for me? When we do reach it, giant robot anteaters shall burst forth from heaven and shower you in artichokes. Don't worry - it's a good thing. Anyhow, I'm gonna be taking a side-route, so we'll be learning a little more about Frank the Angry Soldier while I think of new stuff to happen for our trippy little gangs in the present. Yay!
Also, some U.P.A. agents might be seen drinking coffee in Decypher.

23 May 2004 -

Haaaaaappy Sunday everyone! Due to insistence on the part of my dear friends Laurel K. (who draws Pimpette) and George M., I've started to do Sunday strips. The catch is that they're part of a miniseries that has nothing whatsoever to do with the main plot! WUAHAHAHHAHAHA! But it involves nice dystopian postapocalyptic UPA-goodness, so all is well. The reason? AoD has no idea whatsoever what kind of colour scheme would work for the comic.

Also, I did some promotional art. Sexahhhh!

18 May 2004 -

Hiya, you assorted twenty or so who visit my website and decide to stick around! I updated it again! Do you like green? Also, the crossover with Pimpette should be finished in a few days, if all goes smoothly, and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled surreal wierdness.

Also, I made a Fanart page! Email me and I'll put up whatever you send!

14 May 2004 -

I updated my website! Lots of blue! A lot less shitty lookin', eh? EHH???!!

12 May 2004 -

I updated the art page and drew more comix. Tomorrow you'll see another Universe Protection Agency (the dudes with funny sunglasses) strip. I like experimenting with an 'inked' look. The starving artist cannot afford ink, nor does he care to. Buwahah. Also, Pimpette updated her side of the crossover. All glory to the ItEotW/Pimpette crossover! THE HYPNOTOAD COMMANDS IT!

Also, I uploaded a piece I'd like to call "Listenin' to Techno Music!"

6 May 2004 -

Today begins the official "It's the End of the World!/Pimpette" crossover, in hopes of drawing in new souls to flay- erh - I mean, new readers. Visit her website and see what's happening. Also, I now have an Art Page

3 May 2004 -

Well, I drew some more comics for you few people who are actually out there, listening to me ramble. Mr. Counter says that, on average, I get about 8-10 hits per day. That's not very many. I've devised a calm, quick solution to this predicament. From now on, YOU WILL TELL PEOPLE ABOUT MY COMIC OR I'LL KILLLLLLLLLLL YOU!!!! MUAHAHAHhAhaheheh. Eh.


"You draw pretty good! That is cool. But your comic is wicked hard to understand, but I read that that is how it is supposed to be! So good job" - Julie, Okay Pants

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